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Products and Services

Here at Comgro we provide a variety of composts, gypsum, lime, potting soil mixes and topsoil mixes that will suit your needs. We also offer our custom spreading services to ensure that your soil is set up to your growing standards. Lastly, we offer a bulk manure removal service. Read more about our services, by clicking below.

About us

Comgro Soil Amendments is a family operated company and we pride ourselves most on the quality and saftey of our finsihed product. We know that through our more advanced composting process that we can ensure that our product is ready to go into the fields.

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During the earlier parts of the year our main focus is hauling in our quality raw materials. By doing our hauling in-house we ensure that we only take in top quality ingredients that are trash and debris free.

What we are looking forward to...



Summer is the peak season for manufacturing our high quality compost blends. With the addition of our CDFA Certified Organic A-compost, we are now able to offer compost to a more broad variety of customers.

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