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We got started in the agriculture industry generations back as farmers. We wanted to improve our growing conditions in a natural, ecological and economical way and that is when we turned to producing compost. We only use high quality, debris free, and clean, raw materials that naturally contain the N-P-K soil needs to produce our top quality compost. We offer a variety of blends to meet the needs of organic and conventional farmers.
It all starts with the raw materials we gather. We begin with a variety of manures, pomaces and mushroom mulch carefully measured out to our specifications for each batch. After all materials are mixed and moisture is added we begin our superior 10 to 15 week long processing time. This helps to not only ensure that any pathogens have died off, but also that the final product is a completely finished compost. Next comes testing.
Testing compost to ensure the safety of the finish product is crucial. We third party sample and test with Primus Labs in compliance with the State of California and the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA). All of our results meet and exceed these standards put in place.
Organic A-Compost

Our A-Compost is a blend of local manures and pomaces. The A-Compost blend is being produced organically and is certified organic with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).


Our E-Compost shares many of the same traits as our A-Compost, but is conventional due to the use of mushroom mulch in the mix.

50/50 Mix

Our wonderful 50/50 mix is a ecological and econmical way to bring natural nutrients to your soil.

If you have any further questions about any of our compost blends, or would like to purchase compost, please feel free to call us at (831)443-5700

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